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About our Outside hire activities

All41Sports latest great fun activity is Water Tag... Which is basically laser tag with water! A fantastic any age activity for your next outdoor party, function or event anyone can participate, kids vs adults is popular!

What is Water Tag?

Water Tag is an organised game using water guns and plastic vests. Players fill up their opponent's vest by blasting them with water. Over time, a small cork rises to the top to indicate score. Of course, for most players it's about getting their opponents wet.

The guns used in water tag are the syringe style guns. You suck up a bunch of water by submersing them and pulling up. Water is discharged by pushing out. These water guns get incredible range.

What do I need?

All you require is access to a tap and a great sense of fun! All41Sports will supply the vests, water guns, goggles, buckets, Obstacles, and party host.