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Archery Tag Orlando & Central Fl






The archery games involve a series of different events and activity, with something for all ages, sizes and ability! Each player will be awarded points for each game. Points vary for different games. There are no safe zones in the following versions of Archery Tag, so you are allowed to move anywhere on the field. If you are within 10 feet of an opponent, you must call out for them to "surrender".



Archery Games Ireland Archery Tag Wexford ActivityWooded areas are preferred for this type of Archery Hit. Before the game begins, each team will hide a flag on their side of the woods. During play, each team attempts to find and grab the opposing team's flag. Once you are hit, you must leave the game. Be careful that you are not hit while 

capturing the flag. If the player grabbing the flag is tagged while removing it from its hiding spot, that player is out and the flag must be hidden again. Play continues until one team's flag has been captured.

(Points: Winning Team= 10 points per player, player who captured flag 15 additional points)



Archery Games Ireland Archery Tag Wexford ActivityThis variation of Archery Hit involves every man for himself. The same field parameters and bunkers are in place for this game as in Archery Hit ; however, there are no teams and no safe zone. Each player is competing to tag everyone else on the field. you must leave the field. The last one remaining (not Hit) will be declared the winner.

(Points: Winning player= 15 points)

Once you are Hit, you must leave the field...



Archery Games Ireland Archery Tag Wexford ActivityArchery Hit Traitor cards are needed for this type of game. This variation of Archery Hit involves both a team and individual type of combat. Before the game, each player will pick a traitor card. It will say "Traitor" or "Non-traitor". Only one player per round will be chosen to be the "traitor" 

 When you are Hit, you must leave the field. Within 3 minutes of regulation play, the "traitor" MUST reveal himself by Hitting  his own team members. If the traitor is successful at attacking his team, he will be considered the winner. If he is Hit, the game is over.

(Points: Successful Traitor= 20 points, Person Tagging Traitor= 15 points)



Archery Games Ireland Archery Tag Wexford ActivityIn the olden days, war was fought in a straight parallel lines. In this variation of Archery Hit, the field is divided into 10 foot increments. Archery Tag field dimensions apply (100' x 50'). Each team creates a straight parallel lines at opposing ends of the field. Choose a designated signal 

Choose a designated signal caller and on his/ her mark, each player will shoot one shot at the opposing team. After both teams shoot, all Hit players move 10 feet closer to their opponents. All Hit players must leave the field. This continues until one team Hits  all opposing players. Once teams are within 20 feet of each other, they will no longer move forward. Shooting will continue until one team is eliminated completely. This is not a game of speed but of accuracy. Any player found moving or dodging an arrow will be eliminated.

(Points: Non-Hit members of winning team= 10 points)



Archery Games Ireland Archery Tag Wexford ActivityThis variation of Archery Hit does not involve Hitting other people. A designated target is chosen and each player must hit the target or hole with as few shots as possible. The player with the fewest points is the winner.

(Points: Each shot = 1 point)

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